Friday, March 30, 2012

New to the Kitchen

You may have noticed a few new things in my kitchen.  I don't know how I made it so long without them!

First off is my new set of Wusthof knives.  Thank you Home Goods.  Ever since Hunter spotted some on a trip to Home Goods, I have been on a mission.  I mentioned this to Bess.  A few weeks later she calls me from the store in Vestavia.  Knives were spotted.  I hesitated because not only was I in pajamas and it was late and rainy, but I was going on a ski trip and needed to save.  Well, I splurged and am SO glad I did.  These knives are amazing.  Pro Forge is the name. 
This Cuisinart pan also came from HomeGoods during another trip.  I LOVE it.  I seriously don't use any of my other pans nearly as much.  It is a great size, and it has an extra side handle to help you carry the pan when it is heavy.  So far I have stuck to hand washing in order to make it last.  For me, that is huge. 
Last but certainly not least is my vacuum.  Meet Brody.  He does NOT like cameras.  Figures I would find a dog that is camera shy!  He was a new addition to the household this Christmas.  I cannot imagine life without this little vacuum cleaner (he is not fond of asparagus...if that falls to the floor it will stay there till I pick it up)!

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