Monday, January 16, 2012

Mushroom Patties - Comfort Food

I've been abandoning my blogs so I snapped a few pics the other night while cooking dinner.  Both Hunter and I love this recipe...Mom would make it when we were little and Dad was out of town (he is not a mushroom fan).   I suggest you serve it over mashed potatoes....

I wish I had spent more time perfecting the pictures but the recipe is still worth sharing.  It is great if you want heavy, comfort food...and if you like mushrooms!

1 lb ground beef (I use 7% fat)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can sliced mushrooms
1 can whole mushrooms

I usually mold 6 patties from the meat in a nonstick pan with a lid.  Stick your thumb in the center of each patty.  This is a tip I learned on beloved pinterest.  It keeps them from "poofing" and helps them cook evenly.  I cook the patties on medium heat under the lid until they are cooked evenly. I flip them once during cooking. Drain the grease.

Then you simply add a can of soup and a half cup of water with the mushrooms.

Simmer on low for another 30 or so minutes.  You can cook it more or less but I find at least 30 minutes works out perfectly.  Then serve on mashed potatoes (and add a green veggie) and you are set  ENJOY!