Saturday, March 2, 2013

Apple Brie Wraps

It's snowing outside and I could argue it's colder than Idaho.  Honestly.  So today I stayed inside (even though I have a case of spring fever). 

I will keep this recipe and use it often. (Thank you, Pinterest.) Everyone agreed it was a great find.  It will take you no time. Plus, it is only 5 ingredients!

Crescent Rolls

I don't have exact measurements but you can take liberty as you see fit.  I also saw mentions of cheese substitutions and one person used pears in the place of apples.  The original recipe called for tart apples. I am not a fan of tart apples so I found Jazz apples.  I thought the red would be pretty but this time, I couldn't even see them.  I would purchase 2 packages of crescent rolls for sure.

This is how I sliced the cheese.  I've heard of brie logs but this worked just fine.  I sliced the block lengthwise and the slices into 3 pieces.

And now we have a picture of the assembly.  When I made the appetizers earlier this week, I laid everything out on a cookie sheet but the apples and put it in the frig. The crescent rolls dried out a bit but, after baking, there was no difference.  When it was time to bake, I cut the apples.  This time I tried slicing the apple lengthwise so the pieces were flat for stacking.  Last time I did make slices and evened the top so the toppings laid flat.   

Place the ingredients in the middle of the dough.  I first folded over the big flap and then secured it with the pointed part of the crescent roll.

Bake @ 375 degrees for approximately 12 minutes.

The house will smell FABULOUS.

I couldn't resist.  I sampled.  To show you, of course.