Sunday, July 14, 2013

Banana Muffins

Let me explain the difference between banana bread and banana muffins.  There is a difference.  First off, this recipe is best in muffin form while the bread recipe is better as a loaf.  Banana muffins are sticky sweet.  They have more banana flavor (because of more actual banana and less flour).  This recipe was SO very popular with my childhood friends.  In fact, one friend would request them every time she came over.

I didn't freeze bananas until this year and now I wonder how I went without.  It's so much more convenient.  They don't look beautiful when they thaw (they turn black on the outside and become all juicy on the inside).  I may even say it makes the baked goods more moist. 

Maw's Refrigerator Cookies (Shortbread Cookies)

The family recipe book assembly is still underway!  It's reminding me of some of my FAVORITE recipes from childhood.  These shortbread cookies Maw (Mom's mother) made for us.  She would sprinkle them with colored crystal sugars.  The bonus about this can keep them in log form (see below) in the refrigerator for a week!  And for a girl who absolutely loves chocolate - I can tell you these rank up there!

Mine were a little brown.  Keep your eyes on them!  I am not going to write out the steps because I did what was written on the recipe card.  This is one of Maw's recipe cards.  You can tell because she always used her cursive typewriter. I love it!

Note:  It is easier to make the logs actually square.  I wrapped mine in parchment paper!