Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why this?

It all started with a convincing argument by a good college friend/now coworker. Honestly, it didn't take much. I had this blog on my mind for some time now. I don't 'do' fancy recipes. Southern food, casseroles, and desserts (especially consisting of chocolate) are my specialty. I often take these test runs to the kitchen at work or to the showers/events we have at the office. I've gotten some of my best recipes from there.

After a solid day debating a blog title (thanks AS and KKL) I confirmed I made the right choice tonight when my Jersey friend indeed confirmed that "they" (meaning jersey) call pecans PEE CANS. Hence the name of the title and how I say it, pecän. Who knows where this blog will take me. I hope not to abandon my true love for painting and the blog that comes with it. But I figure this is a great way to keep up with my recipe adventures and share some of my lessons and favorite recipes along the way!

I will leave you this classic movie clip. Thank you, KKL!

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