Monday, March 1, 2010

A different kind of 'Bachelor Party'

When I finished the GMAT on Saturday I knew exactly what I wanted to do....cook and bake.  I have an excellent fudge post coming.  Julie and I hit the kitchen again Sunday night.  But for now I must share the party pics from the "themed" Bachelor Party.  Oh yes I did.

The girls were greated at the door by Jake himself!
Thanks to Julie and Lance for the silver plate wedding momento.  It came in handy for the theme!
Here is a shot of the spread. Wait, we are missing something.
PLANES. Oh, that is better!
Enough said.
I tried Bakerella's red velvet recipe she posted this past week. (Oh, and I realized I spelled her name wrong AFTER the fact. Oops.)

This is a sample of the next blog post to come!
...and cheesy it was (as well as frustrating...but do we expect anything else).

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  1. HILARIOUS, Shelley! That show is such a mess! I can't believe he chose the freak!!! But anyway, those were some cute captions and treats!! I am very impressed! Oh yeah, and yay on being done with the GMAT! I didn't even know you took it this weekend...