Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chicken and Blue Cheese - Stuffed Portobellos

Call it Girl Scount Cookie remorse but I've been cooking healthy.  We are not "clean eaters" at our house but my friend is the queen of yummy, healthy recipes.

I was able to find the recipe online:

-This is a good make-ahead meal.  Most of the work is in the prep of the ingredients.  You can even assemble and refrigerate.
-6 HUGE portobellos will feed 6 people.  One of these is filling!  I may halve the recipe next time. 
-We don't like quinoa so we substituted equal amounts farro (my new obsession).  That is why mine might look different.
-Used blue cheese (I had it leftover).  Hunter isn't a blue cheese eater but loved it.
-Winco had MASSIVE portobello mushrooms.  The ones at Albertsons were half the size.  So mine made 6 huge ones (literally the size of my hand)!

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