Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mug Brownie

Beware: This recipe can be dangerous to your diet. 

I am not sure why I haven't thought of this before OR how I didn't know a recipe like this existed.  I haven't had the chance to do major baking lately so I thought maybe this could tide you over till then.  It takes a whopping 5 minutes, TOPS.  Last night I tried 2 separate recipes but this recipe was the winner, hands down.

Mug Brownie

4 T Sugar
4 T Flour
2 T Cocoa powder

2 T Vegetable Oil
2 T Water
Dash of salt

Simply mix in your dry ingredients and stir with a fork.  Then mix in your wet ingredients.   Cook it in the microwave for one minute and WALLAH.

I never said this recipe gets an "A" for does get an "A" for the wonderful, fudgy taste!  This is perfect for one of those days you have a chocolate craving. Yuuum.

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