Saturday, February 26, 2011

Southern Living's Coconut Almond Creme Cake

Introducing the...
Coconut-Almond Creme Cake

Julie and Lance started baking through the Top 10 Southern Living Layered Cakes awhile ago, and this was one they had left to tackle.  (Mom, I wish you were here to help us eat this cake!!)   

Synopsis about the cake:  It is very moist (which we loved) but was more of a yellow cake and didn't have the strong coconut cake flavor we were hoping for.   It is a great cake if you are not an expert cake decorator.  It took us less than 5 minutes to decorate with the icing and toppings.  It does take awhile to bake.  Do not be confused by the estimated time on the original recipe.  You also have a separate recipe for the layers and for the icing.  The recipe for the coconut mixture in the layers is supposed to chill for 8 hours.  That is not reflected in the recipe!  I am not going to list the recipe due to the amount of ingredients.  Click the Southern Living link at the top for details.

We did find a wonderful ingredient we think is the secret for a good pina colada!

This recipe is not for the faint of heart or diet.  Yes, you are seeing 2 sticks of cream cheese and 5 stick of butter.  With that being said, know the cake is HUGE. 

Once we saw the filling part of the recipe was supposed to chill for 8 hours, we hopped on that first.  It was strange with corn starch, whipping cream, sour cream, sugar, coconut, etc.

Of course we had an observer.  She was sad she was not a taste tester like Lance, although she made a good run for my cake plate once. :)

Julie has a handy little trick when lining cake pans with parchment paper (recommended so the cake doesn't stick)!

This cake also makes your house smell wonderful because of the toasted coconut!

Here we are mixing the batter...finally.  We were becoming a little impatient!

Sweet Mom and Baby Henry (who will be here in a short couple months)!

Finally when it went into the oven we had an amazing hamburger.  Lance likes to keep his skills for the grill....and it was worth it!

Back to the cake...and a lot of it!


Cream cheese cannot beat!  (except with a mixer)

Digging into the decorative part... a little unsure!

I am naturally messy when creating.  Look at my art room and you can tell!


The finished product....I personally think it looks better in person!

It is a lot of cake and is impossible to cut a small piece... to go rate it on their website!

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