Monday, May 20, 2013

Maw's Banana Bread

Maw's Banana Bread

I had to triple check to be sure I had not posted this recipe before.  This was THE first recipe I knew by heart and I remember making it long before college.  I still have not found a better banana bread.  According to the rate it disappeared this morning at work, I am not the only fan!

I've decided for many of these recipes I am going to skip boring pictures.  I can only take shots of the mixer and batter so many times before they all start looking the same, even for me!

I love this recipe card.  Mom must have covered it in contact paper to preserve it.  It's had a lot of use!

This is my secret.  I now only use frozen bananas.  The thought used to give me the heebie jeebies.  But after I tried it a couple years ago, it works out well.  They mash so much easier, provide more liquid, and are so very convenient!  (On a side note, I freeze the bread often once its baked and it is also wonderful.  I have 3 small baking pans that I used last time to try to limit myself!)

It took me 2 years to go through the huge tub of crisco you see in this picture.  It was embarrassingly large.  I ran into this the other day and figured it is worth a try.  So far, it is a wonderful substitute.  If anything, it makes me feel better!

The batter still ranks in my top 5 batters of all-time.  Nuts are optional but with Hunter gone, they are a necessity in my book. I love them.

I used bread flour this time and it never seems to rise enough but I wanted to finish the bag.  Basic all-purpose is my first choice!

And here we have a photo of my favorite way to enjoy the bread.  Ok, second favorite way.  My favorite is the toaster!

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  1. I have some bananas that should be frozen, I'll give this one a try.