Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot and Hot - Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Hot and Hot Fish Club's Molten Chocolate Laval Cake

Alright folks, I was lazy again.  There is no way to copy and paste the recipe from what I found online, so I took another picture.  This whole cookbook looks fabulous and highly recommended by Lance and Julie.  I want it myself.  I've STILL never been to Hot and Hot.  That is ridiculous.  After this recipe, I want to go.

Best part about these ingredients, they are likely in your panty.  And also great, the batter can be kept chilled and covered in the frig up to a week ahead of time!
Melt the chocolate and the butter in a double boiler.
You will need at least a half dozen.  3 eggs and 3 yolks.

This is when a mixer comes in handy (STILL HAVENT USED MINE).  You want to beat the sugar and eggs until they have doubled in size and are light yellow.

While that was happening we buttered and sugared the ramekins.    You will want to be sure not to skip this step.  You will invert the cakes and want them to fall out effortlessly.

I had to take this picture.  72 ox bag.  The Smiths don't play around.

Stir the two batters together.  By now you have taken the chocolate mixer off the stove and let cool a bit.

We tried all size ramekins.  I suggest these are too small.  We found it was a science to figure out the right size and the right temperature/length of time to cook the cakes.  These were too small.

We certainly didn't mind sampling in the meantime.

These were the larger ramekins and our favorite!
I tried Lance's magic trick to keep the Henry happy. :)

The final result.  Before Sugar.  We filled the ramekins half full and baked at 400 degrees and suggest 13.5 minutes in a convection oven.  I tell you, it is an exact science.  Practice ahead of time.

How beautiful!?
These would be wonderful to make ahead of time for a party because they can be prepared ahead of time and, if the timing is perfected, are simple.  I think this is a recipe we will certainly try again!

The magic trick worked.  This guy was out like a light and took a second to wake!  He is certainly used to the noise of us screaming and the mixer.  :)

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