Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cake Decorating Graduate

For the very last class I opted to go with the Duncan Hines Extra Moist Marble cake mix. I had no time to spare after a weekend of friends and showers. I also opted to use the Wilton icing recipe in a chocolate flavor. The cake actually rose more evenly than ever before when using BOTH strips.

Here is a view of my work station in the classroom. This is only 1/10th of the mess I made in class last night. Notice the little sweet pea flower towards the bottom of the picture on the practice board. I loved those but I couldn't really picture them on my cake. So you won't see any more of those for now. (And no, I wasn't the only one taking pictures in class.)

Here is a close-up of my first roses. I know one day I will look back at these and laugh.

Here is my attempt to do a cluster of roses. I had a few difficulties last night. My icing was TOO SOFT. For weeks I've battled with it being too hard. The roses wouldnt harden when I would try to transport them. I could have used a freezer in this case. Unfortunately, I did not have that luxury last night. Oh, and I lost about 2 to the floor.

But I managed.

The inside...

I couldn't resist. I figured I need to try it to see if it was good enough to make again. Notice the clump of icing on my plate.... I still don't REALLY like icing. I know, but I just took a class.

If judging how good the cake is by how fast it disappears in the office, this is the winner!

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