Monday, August 10, 2009

Crisco Creation...

The book lesson plan was to do a rainbow. Um, people really don't do rainbow cakes anymore. I think Wilton needs to update their handbook. Next week we are to lean how to do gigantic sit-up clowns and roses. You can decorate your cake with either. You can guess which I will choose.

This is my creation. I dedicated it to my office (WPT) since I hope they will be the ones consuming this tomorrow. I have smelled so much icing I really don't think I can touch it. Sad, but fortunate, since this weekend is my beach trip. I may change my mind when I see the dark chocolate fudge inside, however!

Oh, and don't judge the WPT letters. I threw that on to fill in space. I didn't follow the 'technique.' I do think that is the icing tip I will be using on cupcakes from here on out. I am excited about that...

I cut a slice because I have noticed something. Nobody wants to be the first to cut into a cake. That and I wanted to see the layers. I had never sucessfully layered a cake.

Just as I took this picture, it hit the ground. I had it balanced on the server. I DID salvage just enough to sneak a taste. YUM

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