Friday, August 21, 2009

"Pleased as Punch"

No, it's not a baked goods recipe. It's not even a cooking recipe. It's a punch recipe (and one that I've volunteered to make for a shower this weekend). Among my friends this punch is called the "Mother/Daughter Tea Punch" because I made it in college for my sorority's mother/daughter tea. We always hoped for leftovers. Thankfully it is a HUGE recipe because whatever you make normally disappears. You can see from the list of ingredients it is easily halved.

Mother/Daughter Tea Punch (for lack of a better name...I don't have one)

2 cans 42 oz concentrated pineapple juice
2 cans 42 oz concentrated orange juice
2 small packages of unsweetened cherry koolaid
lemon juice to taste (1/4 cup or so)
12 cups water
4 cups of sugar

It's simple. You pour all the ingredients into the bowl and mix with a slotted spoon. I actually split this recipe when making the punch because I do not own a container large enough to make it all.

I thought this looked nifty, so I took a picture. When I dumped the koolaid into the concentrate it swirled around on its own to create this:

(Not the most appetizing picture but pretty darn nifty...)

You can see it also made this huge bowl of punch as well. I put both containers in the freezer to leave overnight.

You will want to take it out a good 12 hours before the shower. That is the hard part. Put a reminder in your phone if you need help remembering. That is what I do.

It's best when it has a good slush to it. Slushy pics to follow!


  1. Yesssss! The punch recipe here anytime I want it! That is the most delicious thing everrrr! All those cakes look ridiculously delicious. Wish I could reach into the blog pull out a piece and eat it!

  2. Great recipe! I modified it slightly for a Christmas Party I had this past weekend.

    For a spiked version:
    - Use only 3 cups of sugar instead of 4
    - Use only 11 cups of water instead of 12
    - Include 1 cup of rum
    - Freeze
    - Wait until all was thawed and had been broken into slush form, then add more rum--I used a whole small (750 milliliters?) bottle total for the punch bowl.

    VERY delicious!