Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pleased as Punch: Part 2

Ok, I must admit. I forgot to take a picture of the slushy consistency (as it was found at one point on the floorboard of my car). I even planned to take a picture of Julie's cute punch and water dispenser set-up. I got distracted. So instead here is a picture of the spread at the shower with miss party planner herself, Julie. Seriously. We are all trying to convince her to quit the whole dentistry plan and go into catering. I think she could be the next big Food Network star.

We had quite a bit of punch left. Note to self: make half as much next time. Even with 20 people (some of which ditched the punch glasses for large glasses ;)), we still had half left over. We did add another ingredient or two and it served up a great afternoon cocktail after guests were gone. Is there such thing as a punch belini? We think so.

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